prayer request.

Dear friends,

Just wanted to drop in and ask for your prayers for all of us tomorrow.  We have a big day of appointments.  Tommy and I will be meeting with the pediatric cardiologist to learn more about Gabriel’s heart.  Then we will also meet with a NICU team at Children’s Hospital to learn more about what they do there.  We will also have the opportunity to sit with a neonatologist to ask all of our questions.


While we never know for certain what we will learn, we don’t expect to learn any information tomorrow that will change anything.  These appointments are very good for us, though, because they will give us the knowledge we need to make the best decisions we possibly can for our little Gabriel when he arrives this spring.


So would you please pray for our day of appointments tomorrow?  That things will go smoothly.  That we will be receptive to the information we learn. And that we will be wise knowing and remembering the important questions to ask and issues to address with these specialists.


Thank you so much for praying for us.  Thank you for loving our family!




2 thoughts on “prayer request.

  1. Lauren- praying for you and Tommy today as you meet with doctors. God is with you and the prayers of many are lifting you up! Love you!

  2. Dear Lauren and Tommy, I have been praying for you since I learned of your sweet baby’s problems. I do hope things go well today at the appointments. The Lord is always with you and this is your hope. You are on our prayer list at Providence Reformed Presbyterian Church also. Love You, Your cousin, Sharron Gail Grotewiel


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