jack and me.

Yesterday was a great day for Jack and me.  Lately I’ve had a lot of help with him from Tommy, grandparents, and friends, too.  But yesterday it was just me and him all day and we had a great day.  No special outings.  No big plans.  Just spending the day together.  This age is so fun.  He is aware of everything, knows how to have fun, and is definitely my little buddy.  He likes the independence he has these days to run from room to room do something different and then come back.


I’m always thankful for a great day with Jack.  Always have been.  But it was especially encouraging because I’ve felt less connected to him since learning about Gabriel’s syndrome.  I know there was some fear, or a lot of fear, in that.  Not wanting to be as close to him and lose him.  But that’s no way to live!  And I certainly don’t want to live like that.  The first weeks were the worst, and have since been better in terms of connecting with Jack.





This picture turned out terrible.  I really wish I had taken some more pictures.  Not of anything special but just of the things Jack likes to do these days.  He’s obsessed with his “boops”, which we adults know was boots.  And yesterday he was all about wearing his backpack.  Growing up so fast!


Happy Saturday friends.




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