sweet sweet boy.

I have been blown away lately with how sweet Jack is.  He is just a sweet boy with the biggest, most tender heart.  I LOVE how big his heart is.  He gives out hugs and kisses, he runs to Tommy and me yelling out “maaaammaaa”  and “daaaaddddaaa”, and he talks about his family all day long.  The boy is full of love.


Tonight was a rich treat for my heart.  We were at Bible study and before we left at the end Tommy and I caught Jack handing out hugs to the other kids.  Totally unprompted, bringing him and us true joy.  He would hug a friend then burst into a loud “yaaaaaa” and clapping.


Jack has also recently discovered the world of babies, and he is a huge fan.  Tonight I found him standing over a baby who was laying in his carseat giving him kisses on the head.  No one was around, he had no idea anyone was watching.  I just stood there so he couldn’t see me, watching him as he gently touched the baby’s feet, then legs, then patted his head, and then leaned over for multiple gentle kisses on the head.  He’s never seen us do this.  Until recently, we’ve not even been around babies.  But he knows, naturally, to be gentle and to love on those sweet babies.  It makes my heart swell with joy and love and blessing, and it makes my heart break a little at the same time.


We have longed for Jack to have a little brother.  In just 3 months, we will be welcoming baby Gabriel into our lives.  We had imagined this would be normal.  That we would transition to a family of four, teaching Jack how to love and be a big brother.  Tonight brought me confirmation to what I’ve been thinking for awhile– Jack already knows how to be a big brother.  It’s in him; God is growing that seed in him.  And while we pray he has the opportunity to be a big brother in person with Gabriel for a little while, even if he doesn’t he will always be his big brother.  And I believe that there will always be a place in his heart for his baby brother.


So in the mean time we are preparing Jack for the arrival of his baby brother.  We continue to talk about baby Gabriel.  He’s enjoying watching the guest room transform into baby Gabriel’s room.  And the concept of baby is definitely one he is absorbing.  I am so thankful for the tender heart of our boy.  It comes with its own challenges and worries for me, but I wouldn’t trade his sweet heart for anything.





One thought on “sweet sweet boy.

  1. How can he NOT have a sweet heart with you two guiding him??? It’s a win/win situation!! Love you! Doris

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