morgan family fun day.

This post has details of our day Monday.  Consider yourself warned that it’s probably over-the-top-obnoxious.


I think any time Tommy has an extra day off, I call it Morgan Family Fun Day.  We love a good day of family fun, and being a stay-at-home mom I really love having him around for any extra days.  So yesterday we took full advantage of his day off for President’s Day and lived it up.


First off, Jack was up at 6 am.  This is probably normal for a lot of moms and a lot of toddlers, but it is not for us.  I’ve done my up-early time, my up-all-night time, and I know I’ll do it again some day — God willing.  But as long as Jack has tubes in his ears, the kid is a good sleeper, and I can’t remember the last time he woke up before 8 am.  Hate me, moms, but it’s true.  Tommy took care of that, and I stayed in bed until after 8.  Me – 1, Tommy – 0.


In need of adventure, we braved the mall on a day when kids were out of school.  After a little food court action, mall walking, and mostly elevator riding, we headed home for a nap.  The boys napped while I scoured the internet for toddler bedding.  Not liking my options.


As soon as Jack woke up we took off for the zoo.  It was a sunny, high-50’s day, and we’re all in need of a little Vitamin D.  Although apparently me the most, based on my recent lab work.  Nurses think it’s funny when a dietitian has a vitamin deficiency.  So I’ve learned.  So we thought we were awesome zoo-goers getting there later in the day, getting a great parking spot, and watching most of the crowd leave.  Turns out they were leaving because the zoo was closing in 20 minutes.  So we walked as fast as we could to get as far into the zoo as we could and then took our time walking back out when they kicked us out.  It was a parent fail, but I would do it again.  We got to see some animals and Jack loves any adventure where Dada and Mama are involved.  Win-win.  We topped the day off with pizza for me and Jack [and Gabriel] and Fuji for Tommy.




zoo zoo2








I thoroughly enjoyed my President’s Day.  Hope you did, too!


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