toddler sickness.

We have a toddler.  We are not strangers to sickness.  While we feel like our toddler seems to get sick a lot, I think it may just be a normal toddler thing.  He’s young, his immune system is developing, and he’s getting exposed to some nasty stuff in gross ways around his toddler friends.  Makes sense that there’s a lot of sickness.


Yesterday morning Jack woke up and seemed a little off.  Turns out he had a fever which just kept climbing and reached over 103 last night.  And yesterday afternoon the stomach bug portion kicked in.  I felt so bad for the little guy.  He has not felt like playing at all, so we have spent a lot of time the past 2 days curled up on the couch watching tv and movies.  I love the very rare snuggles but hate that he’s so sick.  I’m guessing it’s the same thing that plagued Tommy last weekend and knocked him out of commission for the entire weekend.


sick day2

He’s never crashed on the couch like this before.  Bless him.  Also, as I post this I notice 2 other things.  1 yes, he is wearing Christmas pjs on the last day of February.  That’s how we roll.  And 2, this picture is chaos, mess, but then again so is life with a toddler.



sick day3

I love extra snuggles with my sweet boy!

So when Tommy got home from work last night he wanted to stay with Jack while I ran out to pick up some dinner.  He thought I could use the alone time out of the house [yes!] and he wanted to be with the sick little guy.  But Jack did not want either of his parents leaving, so we took him with us and one of us stayed in the car with him while the other ran in.

sick day

I posted this picture on Instagram saying something about how I’d run out to grab dinner and these things and could you tell how my day had been?  I learned yesterday that toddlers can’t tell you they need to make a mad dash for the bathroom — hence the carpet cleaner.  Fun times in this house.  Here’s to hoping sickness is out of this house!

On that note, will you please pray that I stay healthy and don’t get this virus?  I feel bad to ask for that since Jack’s been so sick, but it would be bad for Gabriel and me for me to get taken out with this one.  I still take medicine every morning and sometimes in the afternoons, too, to keep me from throwing up every day on a normal day, so a stomach virus would not help my cause.  Please pray for Jack to continue to heal up.  And thank you, as always, for praying for our family!

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