It is March — can you believe it?  How is time going by so fast?  And as I’m reflecting on this new month, I am realizing that we are entering a season of thirds.  This month of the year, the third month, is also the time I officially enter into my third trimester of pregnancy.  The third trimester of my pregnancy with our baby who has a third chromosome.


I’d have to be blind not to see this is our season of thirds.  I don’t know what all is in store for us this season or how long it will last for — certainly longer than the month of March, as our lives are forever marked and changed by this.  But I’ve also been reminded lately that with this story comes a lot of responsibility.  Responsibility for our sons, our family, but mostly in the sharing of our story and God’s work in our lives.  I pray that we are intentional and walk well in this aspect of the journey during this season.




One thought on “thirds.

  1. And on the THIRD day Jesus rose. He defeated death. He offered hope and life and beauty to us!

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