a normal day.

People often ask how we’re doing and what we’re doing with the question of wondering what our days look like now.  How do we do each day, what do we do each day while we’re in the thick of this.  And I remember wondering that many weeks ago myself.  Wondering how we would live each day while waiting to see what happens with Gabriel.  I’ll be the first to tell you that I stink at waiting.  I’m not patient.  I’ve never been.  I do think God is molding that in me some now.  Because I truly am learning to be thankful for each day.  I do find myself wondering a lot what will happen, but much more than that I find myself really counting this time with Gabriel.  So while we are waiting for his arrival, and we are very excited to meet him, we aren’t only waiting right now.  We are enjoying our days and not just passing them.


So our life looks pretty normal right now.  Here are some glimpses…



Going to the zoo.





Thinking about Baby Gaby and praying for him a lot.













Practicing using those utensils.






Waiting for spring!



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