the fisheeees.

Jack loves fish.  Or as he refers to them — fisheeees.  We had been wanting to take him to the aquarium, so when my mom mentioned that we should go, we got the adventure going.  And you know now I count fun things we do as “Gabriel’s firsts” too, so Jack and Gabriel got to visit the aquarium for the first time.  It might have been one of Jack’s greatest days.  He walked around looking at cool fish for a couple of hours with some of his favorite people.






Lesson learned — if you can’t find Tommy, look for the control room.





And the valves and stuff.  He’ll be there.









I love this one.  I ordered it blown up to put in Jack’s room.  He’ll love it.










He just wanted to chill in this space.  You can see all of us just watching him in the reflection.  Happy kid.  Oh, and I should mention that he did start the day with matching clothes, but had peed through his pants by the time we got to the aquarium.  Probably thanks to the 20 ounces of orange juice he had on the way up.  You gotta do what you gotta do on a long car ride.












Jack with my brother, mom, and sister.  We were missing Pops on this trip and Jack asked about him a lot.  Work just gets in the way of fun.  That’s what I’m always telling Tommy.





Family picture.





The penguins were a big hit with Jack Jack.  They seemed to like him, too.  They kind of gravitated towards him.





This turned out blurry and not great, but it was actually a pretty backdrop at the aquarium and you can really see how big I’m getting.





After the aquarium we went to the Apple Barn, which is probably one of my favorite places ever.  Solely for the purpose of apple dumplings and apple julep.  I seriously think next time I will have a meal of just those things.  I don’t care about the other food.



We had a great trip, missed a nap, but it was totally worth it.  Jack’s been talking about seeing the fisheees ever since.  It’s really fun to watch him truly enjoy something.  1

2 thoughts on “the fisheeees.

  1. Just a little hint on a back up to the aquarium in case you can’t make it up to GB. The new restaurant Cheddars has a huge aquarium and Jack would love it!! It’s a really nice one with lots of fishees and stuff in there and plenty of room for people to see! And good food too!!

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