happy easter.

Happy Easter to you and your family!  It’s been a great day.  We’ve gotten to celebrate that our Savior is alive– He is not dead! — at church this morning and then with our families today.  This Easter has been particularly meaningful to me.  Each one should be, but this year it hits me in a way that has whole new meaning.  I’m thankful that I have known for a long time that because Jesus died on the cross, rose from the dead, and because He lives, I have life.  Through nothing of my own, I am saved.  Because the grave could not hold Him and His power, He lives today.  I am more thankful for that now than I ever have been.  I’m more in need of His grace every.single.day. than I ever have been.  Without Him in my life, I don’ t know how I would face one of my days.  Truth be told, there have been many times in my life where I’ve sadly realized that I didn’t think that way.  That I thought I was doing life okay on my own.  I didn’t know the desperation that it was to need Him.  Desperately, deeply, whole-heartedly need Him.  This Easter, without a doubt in my bones, I NEED Him.  I need His love, His grace, His power.  I need that He is risen.


Several weeks ago I was having a wrestling conversation with God.  How it hurt to lose my son.  How it hurt to know my baby was going to die.  How was I supposed to live this journey knowing what was coming down the road?  And He gently reminded me that He knows everything I am feeling.  He watched His son die.  He knew His son would die.  Jesus walked His life, His entire journey knowing what would lie ahead of Him – the horrendus death He would face to save us, the ones who really deserved that death.  And I felt reassured, I felt not alone.  And then I felt sad again because I started thinking about how God got to see His son again, how they are together.  And again, He gently reminded me that I too, will get to see my son again.  I will be reunited with Gabriel in heaven one day.  Because Jesus died and rose again.  And it was in that moment that I was so thankful for what the Lord has done for us.  I realized that Easter will never be the same to me again.  And that God giving us eternal life through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, is truly the greatest gift we could ever be given.  And it blesses me in more ways than I ever knew.


So dear friends, my prayer for you on this day is that you know the Lord.  That you know His goodness, His heart, His love for us.  I pray that you bask in that today and in the days to come.  Happy Easter!


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