turtle man.

When Jack was a baby he went through a phase where we called him turtle man, or more realistically we said “tuuurrttlllee maaaannnn”.  He would extend his neck and stretch his head out as far as he could.  Maybe all babies do this, I don’t know, but he looked like a turtle coming out of its shell.  He stopped doing that as he got older and chunkier, but it was a really fun little stage.


On Monday during our ultrasound we were watching our little Gabriel squirm around in 4D, which was so cool.  He was stretching and moving and it was like watching a baby sitting right in front of us do those things.  Pretty cool.  Then my mind was blown — he started stretching his neck out really far and looked just like the turtle man!  I couldn’t believe it!  He looked just like how Jack used to look when he would do that.  The ultrasound tech got a picture of the end of one of those little stretching sequences.  I think he looks so much like Jack, and I love it.  Excited to see if he really does when he’s born.


So neither of these pictures fully capture the full turtle man, but they’re close enough to count for me.








My little turtle men.

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