celebrating Gabriel.

Last Saturday was a very special day.  I was so blessed by it.  Our neighbors, [well my parents’ neighbors] the people who my siblings and I grew up with, got together to honor our sweet baby Gabriel.  We spent time together, people who have lived on the same street for nearly 20 years, neighbors who have seen each other through ups and downs, and they came to celebrate my baby.  I was so honored.


We had a great time catching up, eating good food, and spending time together.  The gifts they gave us were so thoughtful and were all things that will help us to always celebrate and remember our sweet Gabriel.



The neighbors.





The lovely hostesses.





Celebrating with my mama and sister.



Thank you Menhinick girls for all your hard work to bring joy to us!  And thanks to the neighbors for coming to celebrate with us and give us such thoughtful gifts.


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