the great outdoors.

I have not always been an outdoors person.  I like fresh air and I have liked being outside at certain times of the year in particular, but a day in and day out outdoor person, I have never really been.  Tommy is an outdoors guy — how could you not be being from Colorado?  After we started dating, I spent more time doing things outside with him than I ever had before and really liked it.  But Jack, Jack has changed me.   I now love to be outside with him.   He is crazy about the great outdoors.  He is obsessed with it and doesn’t want to come inside ever.  There is usually lots of screaming involved when we do have to go in.


Lately the weather has been perfectly spring.  It felt like we had to wait forever for spring to get here and now it feels like it was worth the wait because it is perfect.  It’s been in the 60s, 70s, and is now hitting 80 this week.  Sunshine for the past several days.  It’s perfect.  So we’ve been spending lots of time outdoors — going to the park, playing outside at our house and at the grandparents’ houses.  Our little family has been enjoying lots of good time outdoors.












































We hope you are enjoying this beautiful Spring wherever you are, too!

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