My sweet friend who is a photographer here in Knoxville offered to take pictures of our family to help us always remember these days with Baby Gabriel before he arrives.  And not only did she take our pictures, but she did it on her due date!  Still blows my mind that she did that for us.  She had her baby a week later, and he is precious.


I’ve never been much of a maternity picture person.  I don’t want pictures of me in my larger-than-life form and would much rather have the baby pictures a few months later.  However, as I’ve said dozens of times already, everything is so different now.  I am so different now.  So I really wanted to have pictures of us as a family while Gabriel is definitely with us.  I’m excited to get to share these with you all.











































Erin, thank you for these beautiful pictures.  I am so thankful to have them, and I know that we will always treasure them.


[for more of Erin’s work, check out her website here.]

3 thoughts on “pictures.

  1. Lauren, These pictures are all so beautiful of your family, very tasteful!! Love the ones of Jack and his expressions. I’m sure you will cherish all of these pictures some day! They are great of all of you!! How lovely you look!

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