wisdom from a child.

My heart was deeply blessed by words spoken to me this week by a 3 year old [in all fairness to her, she will be 4 next month].  And after wiping away the tears, all I could think was “I wish every adult reacted like that”.


Our friends have these precious kids, and Jack adores their little girl – with good reason.  She is so sweet!  Once he fell and had a boo-boo on his face, and she prayed for his boo-boo to get better.  Repeatedly.  Sweet girl.  The other day, she came up to me and said “I’m sorry baby Gabriel has to go to heaven now.”  It was both the heaviest and the most freeing thing anyone has said to me.  It’s such a simple statement, so full of truth and so full of heart, and it touched me so deeply.  She may be young but she understands things that many adults have forgotten.  She knows heaven is a wonderful place and that Gabriel will be happy there, but she also knows and sees that we are sad he has to go so soon.  In her 10 word sentence she said everything and more that anyone ever needs to.  I felt loved, reassured,  comforted, uplifted, and okay to be sad all from her statement.


As I was sharing this with Tommy, we talked about how far we come as adults, losing that childlike touch.  There have been many comforting words spoken to us.  There have been many people trying to be comforting who say things that aren’t helpful.  There have been many people who try to find a reason, an explanation, or who try to make it better.  And I appreciate every well-wish.  I appreciate every kind thought, and we understand it’s hard to know what to say.  When this little girl told me this the other day, I knew right away that this was exactly all anyone ever needs to say.  I’m reminded that it’s so good to take time to learn from our little ones.  I think God has a lot to teach us from them, if only we will listen.

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