gabriel’s room is ready.

Our favorite room in the house.





It is filled with peace.  It is an incredibly pleasant room to be in, and we have found ourselves hanging out in there as a family a lot.  I love it!  I love that Jack loves to be in there.  I love that Jack wants to lay in the crib and play and pretend he’s a baby.  I love that we do puzzles on the floor with him.  He loves that he can watch the doggies from the windows in Gabriel’s room.  Tommy loves the bed in there.  And we all love our new chair my parents’ gave us and look forward to long nights in that chair.  We can’t wait to rock Gabriel in there.



Every detail in Gabriel’s room has meaning.  Every piece of furniture, every picture, every decoration, even every scratch on the freshly painted walls [thanks, Jack!] was intentionally chosen and has meaning that we’ll always remember.


Tommy actually finished painting the room more than 10 weeks ago, and then I started working on decorating it.  It’s been ready for awhile now, and it’s so nice to just be able to go in there and hang out.  It’s nice to have a place that is specifically for our sweet Gabriel and will be extra welcoming to him when we bring him home.



Here are a few pictures of Gabriel’s room:

















Gabriel'sroom 026



Gabriel'sroom 025



Gabriel'sroom 024



Gabriel'sroom 027



Gabriel'sroom 028







The details:

  • The crib was Jack’s, as was the crib bedding and the curtains.
  • The big bed has been our guest bed since we bought our first house.  It was my Mamaw’s and was the bed that my sister and I always slept in when we visited.  It was actually my Mamaw’s grandmother’s bed originally, so it’s quite antique.
  • The banner over the crib was made by a friend and hung at a Celebration for Gabriel.
  • The board over the big bed is covered in ultrasound pictures of Gabriel and cards that we’ve gotten from dear people in our lives.  We filled the board up pretty quickly, so I’m trying to figure out where else in there I can hang cards.  We love being able to see support, love, and prayers for our boy and want him to know about it all, too.
  • We put the gallery wall up using frames we already had.  We have family pictures, ultrasound pictures of Gabriel, some maternity pictures, and a big, encouraging print in the middle.
  • My parents’ gave us the ottoman after Jack was born, so I would have somewhere to put my feet up while rocking Jack.  We didn’t have room in our old house for the chair that goes with it, so they recently gave it to us as a gift for Gabriel.
  • The dresser is an antique that was all over our house in Maryland before landing it’s star role as changing table.  I love this dresser, and it just feels right in the nursery to me.
  • The beautiful “Gabriel” painting was a precious gift from a friend.  She gave it to us shortly after we found out the diagnosis, and I was desperate for a visual reminder of our baby.
  • I can’t wait for Jack and Gabriel to wear their matching shirts.  Jack is going to be a great big brother and Gabriel is going to be a precious little brother.
  • The beanie babies on the shelf just inside the room were given to us just days after finding out about Gabriel.  The kangaroo is for me, with the baby in the pouch, and the doggie is for Jack.  A dear friend and someone who is incredibly wise, came over to visit with me and pray for us.  She knows the road of losing a baby well, as she lost 2 babies, and she brought these stuffed animals for us to have something tangible to hold on to when we’re missing our sweet baby.



I love that when we’re in Gabriel’s room there is meaning in everything.  We can’t wait to bring him home and show him his room!



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