we’re still here.

I’ve gotten some worried messages and calls this week because we’ve been so quiet around here.  Apparently, I was starting to give the impression that we were otherwise busy — you know, having a baby and what not.  But we’re still here.  Still hanging out.  Thank you for thinking about us and checking in on us.  Thank you so much for notes, messages, calls, emails, and gifts for our family.  We are so blessed and have been so encouraged, so lifted up by those around us.  And we greatly appreciate every prayer said on our behalf.  We know how powerful all those prayers are.  I don’t feel like I say  nearly as much as I should how thankful we are, so please know how much you bless us.  We are so grateful.


So on this rainy, rainy weekend here in Tennessee, we’ve spent a lot of time hanging out as a family.  Enjoying our moments together and also taking the opportunity to prepare for the days ahead.  We’ve packed our bags, I’m caught up on laundry [who am I??], and we’ve made our lists and plans for G day, as Tommy calls it.  Not sure when that will be but since we’re 36 weeks [!!!!!!] we know it could be soon.  We are so thankful for all of this time we’ve had with Gabriel and are constantly reminded of the blessing that it is and the gift we’ve been given.  We’re really just super excited to meet our baby boy, too!


I feel like “T18-life” has been heavy lately.  We are approaching our due date at rapid speed and really never even thought we’d get this far.  Thankfully though, we have, and we are not dreading what is to come, which is how I thought we’d be.  Instead we are so excited, filled with much anticipation for what is to happen.  Feeling peaceful.


So really, in our world T18 isn’t heavy, but in the lives of others we’ve connected with with T18, life is hard.  There’s a board that I follow that’s made up of T18 parents.  Most are parents who have lost their babies because of T18 and they are great encouragement and support to those of us walking the journey now.  There are a few of us currently pregnant with our babies and then there are a very, very few who have children living with T18.  The last week has been rough as there’s been a lot going on there. A family lost their baby yesterday at 31 weeks.  It weighs heavy on my heart, as we’ve known all along that was always a big possibility.  Also makes me so thankful for all our days with Gabriel.  My heart is heavy for their family.  A family who has a 2 month old baby girl with T18 is back in the hospital as the little girl has pneumonia, again.  And another family who has an almost-3 year old boy living with full T18 is back in the hospital and he has been in really rough shape.  The thing with these babies is that we all know every day is a gift, not a guarantee, so every success is so huge and every set-back so sobering.  It’s always a constant reminder of the blessing of life and the reality that it’s so short.


I’m trying to stay positive, hopeful, and expectant as we approach very important days or weeks ahead.  We don’t know what’s going to happen but we hope and pray for the best.  I am so thankful that we are peaceful and joyful as we approach the biggest day of our lives.  That is truly an answer to prayer.  So please keep praying for peace for us, for clarity in our decision making, and for God to do big things on G day.  We know no matter what happens that God is good.  We are praying that Gabriel will be born alive.  That we will get to spend time with him here while he is living.  We are hopeful for big things!


Thank you for walking this journey with us.  Thanks for being hopeful.  Happy Sunday!

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