community and blessings.

We were so excited to join a Bible study this winter full of wonderful people.  They have not only welcomed us in when we’re complete messes, but they have loved us so well during this hard time.  So much support, encouragement, love, and prayers have come from these dear people — it feels like we’ve known them much longer than we have.


A few weeks back they threw a shower for our baby Gabriel.  It was a sweet time of being together and celebrating the life of our baby, and it meant so much to us.  They set us up so we won’t have to worry about cooking after Gabriel’s born.  I look forward to that 🙂  And with sweet goodies for Jack, too.  He’ll have some new things to keep him busy when his life gets shaken up a bit.  We are so grateful that God put these people in our lives at the most amazing time.  We are very thankful for our dear friends.


Gabriel'sroom 011



Gabriel'sroom 012






Gabriel'sroom 014




Gabriel'sroom 015



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