36 weeks.

Monday we had our 36 week doctor’s appointment.  It was our last growth ultrasound with Baby Gaby!  Unbelievable.  I thought I’d be really sad about that, but it feels OK and we were excited to get to see him dancing and squirming away on the screen one more time.  Boy is active.  Always has been.  So thankful for that.


So the information from the ultrasound…

Our Gabriel is looking good!  We saw him practicing breathing — which was so exciting to me.  The ventricles in his brain, which were enlarged with fluid when we got his diagnosis, measured normal on Monday.  Awesome news.  There was an increase in fluid in the back of his brain, which hasn’t been there before, but it’s all part of the T18.  The amniotic fluid level also measured normal.  It’s greater than average, they called it “subjectively increased”, but technically falls within the normal range of levels.  So I was thrilled.  No wonder I’ve been feeling better lately.  And super exciting news is that Gabriel had great growth!  They estimated that he weighs 4 pounds, 3 ounces.  We were so thrilled!


Our appointment went well and we got things lined up so we’ll be ready to go when it’s G day.  Our nurse practitioner wrote our orders and went ahead and sent them over to the Labor and Delivery floor so that they know what’s going on with us.  After the appointment we had a meeting with a woman at the hospital to show us some of the rooms so we could choose where we’d like to be to deliver Gabriel.  We’re getting the treatment like I’m Princess Kate [or something like that].  We also talked with a L&D nurse about our birth plan to make sure everything looks good.  We are good to go!


At our appointment we learned that we’re making some progress towards labor.  Good to know all of the contractions I’ve been having are doing something.  So it could be a couple of weeks or we could have him soon.  We’ll see.


I was sharing with our nurse practitioner how they say that trisomy 18 babies don’t move much but that he’s always been so active, and I’ve always felt him a lot.  She said trisomy babies also don’t gain weight, and he gained weight like crazy in between our last ultrasounds.  She said “I don’t think he got the memo that he has an extra chromosome.”  Music to my ears 🙂  I hope he keeps missing that memo.  She calls him the little engine that could.  I like that.


So that’s our update.  We’re hanging out, enjoying our time, and waiting on Baby Gaby.




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