it’s may.

We have made it to May, y’all!  There have been a lot of times where I didn’t think we would.  Where I didn’t think we’d have Gabriel in the month of May.  He’s due this month!!  It’s amazing.  We’re over the moon.





May is my favorite month of the year.  The only time of year that rivals it is the holidays.  May is the best.  Even as a kid, it’s exciting.  It’s the first really warm month but it’s not too warm.  It welcomes in summer.  School gets out.  And it’s my birthday month.  Then in the past several years, May has gotten even better.  My husband’s birthday is April 30th — the perfect way to kick off my favorite month.  We got married in May!  Then we had Jack in May!  Not just May, but it’s all one week.  Then when we found out we were having Baby Morgan #2 in May, it got even better.  The same due date for both of my baby boys, which also is my birthday.  How could I not love this month?



So happy May, dear friends!!  May this be the best May yet!!

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