knee deep.

It’s Friday!  For awhile I found myself surprised that I still get excited that it’s Friday and the weekend is coming up since I’m a stay-at-home-mom.  My weekends are pretty similar to my weekdays — except, I finally realized the big reason why — Tommy’s home on the weekends.  Weekends are way better.


So we are knee deep in asthma over here.  Or I guess I should say reactive airway disease, since that’s the correct terminology.  Unfortunately, it looks like Jack is taking after me and all of my asthma issues as a child.  Jack’s allergies started bothering him a week ago, and just like anything he got this winter, it turned into a nasty cough.  So after waiting for a few days for the allergies or cold to pass, it was obvious that his chest was in bad shape.  He scared us pretty good Wednesday night and Thursday morning with what we figured were asthma attacks.  He’s had this ongoing cough, but he was having these fits where he would cough constantly, not really able to get breaths in.  Scary stuff.  Thankfully we already have a nebulizer at home for breathing treatments, so we were able to give him breathing treatments to give some relief.


So after those attacks we took him in to our pediatrician.  He said Jack was wheezing pretty badly and confirmed reactive airway, like we were thinking.  He gave us a prescription for oral steroids and a new rescue inhaler, so now we’re in business.  Last night, after just one dose of the steroids, was so.much.better.  For the first time this week Jack didn’t wake up at 430 this morning struggling to breathe.  Win for the Morgan family. Our pediatrician wanted to see Jack again today before the weekend hit, so we went in this morning.  He said he doesn’t think he’s out of the woods yet but that he did seem improved.  I’ll take improved!  When we go back for Jack’s 2 year check up [what?!!!] we’ll talk about starting him on a maintenance inhaled steroid to keep him from having these bad flare ups.  I’m thankful that our pediatrician is waiting a month to see how Jack does in between before putting him on something every day.  Tommy and I have been worried all winter about Jack having asthma and needing something, but we also don’t want to be quick to jump on daily medicines.  They’re a great gift and I’m so thankful for modern medicine, but no meds are totally benign so we’ll see.  We’re also very thankful for our pediatrician who takes great care of Jack, prays for our family, and has offered to come see and take care of our Gabriel when he’s born.


So this weekend we’ll be continuing to dig our way out of the asthma hole we’ve been living in for the past week.




Hope you have a great weekend!

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