Today we buried our baby boy.


Today we laid his physical body to rest forever.  Today we said goodbye to his body.


Today was a beautiful day.  If you’ve been reading our story, you know how much I’ve talked about rain.  After we found out Gabriel’s diagnosis, it rained for  nearly 2 weeks straight.  It seemed like every time I was going to the doctor’s office it would rain.  It rained so much during our pregnancy.  We always assumed that it would rain on this day as well.  But today started out beautiful and got even more beautiful.  The sun was shining, the temperature was perfect, the sky was blue and the clouds perfect.  It was the most beautiful day.  And we were so surprised.  And then we realized the significance behind it all.  Gabriel was sick and it rained and rained and rained.  He is now healed, and on the day that we said goodbye to his earthly body and  celebrated his life in Heaven, the sun broke through in an amazing way.  We know that today especially, God is celebrating having our Gabriel in Heaven with Him.  We know that Gabriel is healed.  That Gabriel is peaceful.  That Gabriel is not suffering.  We know that sunshine and beautiful weather are probably nothing compared to God’s glory that Gabriel is seeing in Heaven.


Today was hard.  Today was a beautiful day.  Today we had our family gather around us and say goodbye to our baby’s body.  We had an intimate gathering at the graveside where wonderful words of hope were spoken, a song of great love and hope was played on the guitar, and where my husband stood and spoke in honor of our son.  It was perfect.  Then everyone left except for Tommy and me and we sat by our little baby’s casket as the breeze blew in, listening to the birds chirp, just us for a short while.  Then the men came to bury his body and we stood at a distance and watched until they were finished.  His body rests peacefully now.  His soul is with our Father.  He is dancing with Jesus in Heaven.  Thanks be to God.




One thought on “today.

  1. Lauren your blog is amazing, showing so much courage and character of you and Tommy, I am so sorry for your loss, From the time your dad told me about little Gabriel, I prayed for comfort and peace for your family, My friend and I agreed in prayer for Peace and comfort for you and Tommy, We also agreed and prayed that he would be in the perfect image of Jesus himself. What a blessing to know that the God of all answered those prayers, for you have shown so much courage and peace, and anyone who knows our heavenly father knows that Gabriel now has his glorified body and is truly in the likeness of Jesus. Please be comforted in knowing that God gives the toughest battles to his strongest soldiers, and the name of Jesus will be glorified thru this trial. praying for your family, . love in Christ Jesus. Debbie Brackett

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