Thank you.

Thank you to all of you who have kept up with the Morgan family’s story. Thank you to all of you who have been praying and sending thoughts of love. Thank you to all of you who have reached out with support and have been so eager to help in any way. This is Lindsay writing for Lauren once again. Lauren wanted me to share the beautiful details with you:


Gabriel Patrick Morgan was born on Sunday, May 5th at 6:28pm.
He was 4 lbs 3 oz. and 17″ long.
Lauren and Tommy got to hear him cry a few times and watched him take some deep breaths. He passed away nearly two hours later at 8:25pm.


They are working on lining up arrangements for where they would like memorial gifts in Gabriel’s honor to go. We will let you know more details soon.


So many of you have generously offered to help in any way that you can. Everyone is very thankful for that. Some dear friends from Lauren and Tommy’s small group have set up a meal schedule if you would like to help out. The website is and there is password information that we are happy to give you.  If you’re interested in helping out with a meal and need that information please email me @  I will give you the password for that.



Thank you again. Lauren and Tommy feel very loved during this time.

Tommy’s sister took these pictures of Gabriel on Sunday. Wanted to share a few with you…




Wholly Healed

I am so thankful to be able to write this post to update you once again. I have had the privilege of watching my sister and Tommy walk down the path that God has led them.  I have watched as they have opened their hands to His plan.  And today, I was able to watch as they met and loved on their new baby boy, Gabriel Patrick Morgan.  He was born earlier this evening, and Lauren and Tommy were so thankful to be able to hold their angel in their arms.  True to character, he was much bigger than we were expecting.  And stronger.  And even more beautiful.  Gabriel was with his family here on earth for several minutes.  Several sweet minutes.  I do not actually know how long because we were all so caught up in the moment.  But Lauren and Tommy got to see and hear and feel the life in their boy.  And for that we are beyond thankful!  His heart slowed, and his breaths stopped, but please do not be discouraged.  Do not think that your prayers were not heard.  Not answered.  Because they were in the best way.  Sweet Gabriel is now wholly healed.  I am so encouraged by friends and family who have shown such love to my sister and her family.  I am continuing to pray for Lauren and Tommy and Jack… for comfort, for peace, for joy, for hope.  And praying with a grateful heart that we got to meet Gabriel and that he is now wholly healed!

Baby G Day

the day has come. This is Lauren’s sister writing for Lauren…. Because she and Tommy are in the delivery room! She wanted me to give all of you who have been keeping up and praying all this time an update. They went in to the hospital earlier this afternoon. Everyone is doing well… Gabriel’s heartbeat was strong in triage earlier this afternoon. They are prepared and ready to meet their boy. He is on the way. we will keep posting. And praying. For Tommy, Lauren, Gabriel, and Jack. Praying that more brilliance would be added to the glory of God today.


knee deep.

It’s Friday!  For awhile I found myself surprised that I still get excited that it’s Friday and the weekend is coming up since I’m a stay-at-home-mom.  My weekends are pretty similar to my weekdays — except, I finally realized the big reason why — Tommy’s home on the weekends.  Weekends are way better.


So we are knee deep in asthma over here.  Or I guess I should say reactive airway disease, since that’s the correct terminology.  Unfortunately, it looks like Jack is taking after me and all of my asthma issues as a child.  Jack’s allergies started bothering him a week ago, and just like anything he got this winter, it turned into a nasty cough.  So after waiting for a few days for the allergies or cold to pass, it was obvious that his chest was in bad shape.  He scared us pretty good Wednesday night and Thursday morning with what we figured were asthma attacks.  He’s had this ongoing cough, but he was having these fits where he would cough constantly, not really able to get breaths in.  Scary stuff.  Thankfully we already have a nebulizer at home for breathing treatments, so we were able to give him breathing treatments to give some relief.


So after those attacks we took him in to our pediatrician.  He said Jack was wheezing pretty badly and confirmed reactive airway, like we were thinking.  He gave us a prescription for oral steroids and a new rescue inhaler, so now we’re in business.  Last night, after just one dose of the steroids, was so.much.better.  For the first time this week Jack didn’t wake up at 430 this morning struggling to breathe.  Win for the Morgan family. Our pediatrician wanted to see Jack again today before the weekend hit, so we went in this morning.  He said he doesn’t think he’s out of the woods yet but that he did seem improved.  I’ll take improved!  When we go back for Jack’s 2 year check up [what?!!!] we’ll talk about starting him on a maintenance inhaled steroid to keep him from having these bad flare ups.  I’m thankful that our pediatrician is waiting a month to see how Jack does in between before putting him on something every day.  Tommy and I have been worried all winter about Jack having asthma and needing something, but we also don’t want to be quick to jump on daily medicines.  They’re a great gift and I’m so thankful for modern medicine, but no meds are totally benign so we’ll see.  We’re also very thankful for our pediatrician who takes great care of Jack, prays for our family, and has offered to come see and take care of our Gabriel when he’s born.


So this weekend we’ll be continuing to dig our way out of the asthma hole we’ve been living in for the past week.




Hope you have a great weekend!

it’s may.

We have made it to May, y’all!  There have been a lot of times where I didn’t think we would.  Where I didn’t think we’d have Gabriel in the month of May.  He’s due this month!!  It’s amazing.  We’re over the moon.





May is my favorite month of the year.  The only time of year that rivals it is the holidays.  May is the best.  Even as a kid, it’s exciting.  It’s the first really warm month but it’s not too warm.  It welcomes in summer.  School gets out.  And it’s my birthday month.  Then in the past several years, May has gotten even better.  My husband’s birthday is April 30th — the perfect way to kick off my favorite month.  We got married in May!  Then we had Jack in May!  Not just May, but it’s all one week.  Then when we found out we were having Baby Morgan #2 in May, it got even better.  The same due date for both of my baby boys, which also is my birthday.  How could I not love this month?



So happy May, dear friends!!  May this be the best May yet!!

36 weeks.

Monday we had our 36 week doctor’s appointment.  It was our last growth ultrasound with Baby Gaby!  Unbelievable.  I thought I’d be really sad about that, but it feels OK and we were excited to get to see him dancing and squirming away on the screen one more time.  Boy is active.  Always has been.  So thankful for that.


So the information from the ultrasound…

Our Gabriel is looking good!  We saw him practicing breathing — which was so exciting to me.  The ventricles in his brain, which were enlarged with fluid when we got his diagnosis, measured normal on Monday.  Awesome news.  There was an increase in fluid in the back of his brain, which hasn’t been there before, but it’s all part of the T18.  The amniotic fluid level also measured normal.  It’s greater than average, they called it “subjectively increased”, but technically falls within the normal range of levels.  So I was thrilled.  No wonder I’ve been feeling better lately.  And super exciting news is that Gabriel had great growth!  They estimated that he weighs 4 pounds, 3 ounces.  We were so thrilled!


Our appointment went well and we got things lined up so we’ll be ready to go when it’s G day.  Our nurse practitioner wrote our orders and went ahead and sent them over to the Labor and Delivery floor so that they know what’s going on with us.  After the appointment we had a meeting with a woman at the hospital to show us some of the rooms so we could choose where we’d like to be to deliver Gabriel.  We’re getting the treatment like I’m Princess Kate [or something like that].  We also talked with a L&D nurse about our birth plan to make sure everything looks good.  We are good to go!


At our appointment we learned that we’re making some progress towards labor.  Good to know all of the contractions I’ve been having are doing something.  So it could be a couple of weeks or we could have him soon.  We’ll see.


I was sharing with our nurse practitioner how they say that trisomy 18 babies don’t move much but that he’s always been so active, and I’ve always felt him a lot.  She said trisomy babies also don’t gain weight, and he gained weight like crazy in between our last ultrasounds.  She said “I don’t think he got the memo that he has an extra chromosome.”  Music to my ears 🙂  I hope he keeps missing that memo.  She calls him the little engine that could.  I like that.


So that’s our update.  We’re hanging out, enjoying our time, and waiting on Baby Gaby.



gabriel’s dog bear.

My sister gave us a gift card to Build A Bear and with it a little white circular thing.  I was pretty confused when I opened it up, and then started crying as she explained it and I realized the gift.  It was a recorder for us to take to our next doctor’s appointment to record Gabriel’s heartbeat.  Then we would put the recorder in the bear we were going to build so that we will always have Gabriel’s heartbeat to listen to.  Sisters are the best, aren’t they?  She definitely knows my heart.



So we took the recorder to our next doctor’s appointment and recorded Gabriel’s heartbeat.  That strong, powerful heartbeat.  And then we went as a family to Build a Bear and built our Gabriel bear.  Of course, we picked out the dog bear – that’s only fitting for our family.  And of course, I didn’t take any pictures of the process.  It was a fun time for our family.  Jack warmed up pretty quickly there; he even gave a random 5 year old girl an unprompted hug.  He didn’t want to participate in the bear stuffing and making activities until after we had finished them, and then he was pretty obsessed with the stuffing and the hearts.  That sounds about right for these toddler days.



So we got our bear all made, got the recorder in his hand, made his birth certificate and brought him home.  I knew I loved the idea when Lindsay told me about it, but I had no idea how much we’d love it.  Jack has been hugging on our Gabriel doggy.  He has been asking for it.  In fact, the first night he wanted to sleep with it [he never asks to sleep with anything like that].  He is obsessed with listening to Gabriel’s heartbeat.  He dances EVERY TIME we play his heartbeat.  It is the most joyful, touching thing I’ve ever seen.  It makes our hearts so happy to see Jack delighting in a piece of his baby brother.  We know it’s a gift from God.



So every day I find myself longing to listen to that heartbeat and hug on that doggy-bear.  None of us can get enough of it.  Jack’s even giving the doggy-bear eskimo kisses.



Gabriel'sroom 010






Gabriel'sroom 016



Gabriel'sroom 031



Gabriel'sroom 029