funny boy.

For the past few days Jack has been staring very intensely at my face when I’m talking to him.  It’s been in moments where we’re face-to-face and he has been looking so sweetly into my face — just staring at me — that I’ve found it just dreamy.  It’s warmed my heart so much, and I’ve loved those moments thinking how sweet he is and how much he must love me.


Then today he did the same thing again, and when I was mid-way through telling him something he started pointing at my mouth saying “bubbles bubbles”.  Apparently the dreamy stares I’ve been getting were just him staring at spit bubbles in my mouth.


Glad my 2 year old is keeping me grounded.

One thought on “funny boy.

  1. This is cute and funny, Dear Lauren! Our 2 year old grandson, Ben, calls the mole on my face a “booty mark” !

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