cars everywhere.

My 2 year old is obsessed with cars.  Matchbox cars have taken over our house.  I bought some at a consignment sale almost a year ago, and he had no interest in them.  One day recently, he picked them up and has officially become obsessed.  He has his favorites — purple car, little jeep, blue truck, blue car.  But he’s happy with any car.  They come to the table for meals, they join him in his bed while he sleeps, they ride in the car with us, he holds them while he reads books.






















[Cars everywhere.  And I promise the boy does wear shirts.  And he doesn’t take things out of the oven or off the stove either.  He just likes to wear my oven mitts.]



Yesterday was Jack’s six month check up with the ENT doctor.  It’s been six months since he had his 2nd set of tubes put in and his adenoid out.  And the six months has gone by remarkably fast!  We’ve been to plenty of doctor’s appointments, but not for Jack.  It was a nice break for him.  Yesterday the PA looked in Jack’s ears and didn’t say anything.  Once he had finished the physical exam, I asked him if everything looked ok, since he didn’t say anything.  He paused — a moment that I am all too familiar with — and said Jack’s tubes are falling out.  This is very disappointing to me — ear infections bring out the worst in me.  But this is not that bad.  Six months ago, I thought my battle in life might be having a kid with really bad ears.  A healthy child with bad ears is a delight that I welcome now.


Tommy and I have learned that you never want to shock the doctors.  It’s never a good thing.  We’ve done it a lot lately.  Jack has now surprised the ENT twice with how early his tubes have come out.  “It just doesn’t happen,” he says.  I’ve heard that quite a bit lately.  Twice about Jack’s tubes coming out early, and about two 20-something people having a Trisomy 18 baby.  So I’m disappointed that the safety net of the tubes has gone away.  I’d be lying to say that I was ok with hearing that his tubes are no longer functioning.  But after having a child with severe disabilities, with a massive heart defect, with a condition that didn’t allow him to live very long, tubes and ears just aren’t that big of a deal anymore.  Jack is so healthy.  We’ve known what it’s like to worry over the life of a child.  Actually, with both of our children.  So as I struggle with gearing myself up for more ear problems, I must remember a bigger perspective — Jack is here and I get to love on him all the time.  We’ll deal with the ears as we have to.





2 thoughts on “cars everywhere.

  1. I am so excited Jack loves cars. I can remember when my brothers would play with them for hours then sleep with them.

    Jayden is starting to like cars. They should have a play date soon.

    Have a great and safe day!

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