8 weeks.

Eight weeks ago our baby boy was born.  Eight weeks ago our baby boy’s heart beat on this earth outside of the womb for a little less than 2 hours.  Eight weeks ago our baby boy died.  Eight weeks seems to be really hard for us.  Seven weeks and six days was ok but something about today has been really hard.


We went to church this morning, and it was really hard.  It’s like our pastor had it out for us 🙂  The message was one of encouragement but was really, really hard to hear as the truth of it is that we are in a really really hard place.



Tommy and I have talked about how we want to be ok.  How we wish we were ok.  For 8 weeks now, I’ve told everyone that we’re ok.  Maybe a better answer is that we’re not ok, but we will be.  Because how can you be ok just 2 months out from losing your baby?  But we know, or we trust, that we will be ok.  That our hearts won’t break every day.  That doing life will get easier.



Today we are sweetly remembering our baby boy.


Gabriel + 325


5 thoughts on “8 weeks.

  1. Dearest Lauren,
    So grateful you can share your heartbreak with us. You speak no greater truth when you say “how can we be ok just two months out from losing our baby?” Your hearts carry a break that is not mendable here. You are doing one day at a time. No one can ask you to move forward as if the pain will go away. Just moving through the day is great progress. Love you all so much… The Lord is walking with you and sharing your heartbreak.
    Sue and Gordy

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  3. Lauren, All your beautiful stories and pictures. God has really blessed us all here on Earth but what a wonderful reminder that some day, hopefully very soon, we will all walk hand-in-hand with Jesus and Baby Gaby. There will be no more sorrow, no tears and no pains. Praise God, we are just “passing through” this world headed for a better home on the other side. I want you to know what a huge inspiration that you have been on my baby girl.

  4. Continued…she watches the video all the time and shares with her friends about Baby Gaby. She is all the time asking me if I read the blog today and if I saw the pictures of Jack. You are truely a Heaven sent Angel to write and post such inspiring words to a young girl (12 years old) like mine. I thank the Lord for people like you every day that encourage my daughter to walk a Christian life in this terrible world. Thanks, Lauren.

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