july’s almost over.

How is it possible that July is almost over?  Wow, it is crazy!  I’m not sure where all of this time is going, but at the same time I’m glad it is passing.  We’ve been pretty busy here with regular ol’ life stuff, and I guess that’s good.  I’m on a mission to purge our house of all things excess.  Too much stuff, too much junk around here.  I’m stressed by it and my overflowing closet.  So major overhauls are happening… which basically means it looks like a bomb went off in my house.  I just keep reminding myself that it looks worse before it gets better.


My camera is a goner.  It died when we were in the hospital with Gabriel.  So very thankfully, it was fine while we were taking pictures of him, and it wasn’t until later that night when I tried to look at the pictures that it wouldn’t work.  If anyone has any thoughts or knows of any good deals on a dslr for someone who knows very little about cameras, let me know!  It’s been nearly 3 months without a good camera, and I miss having one to take pictures of Jack.  Especially since I’m taking videos of him on my phone daily now.


Speaking of videos, I have some great ones I want to share.  I probably just need to bit the bullet and update this blog so I can post videos on here.  Jack is “reading” now.  Or more accurately, memorizing.  But I swear he’s brilliant 🙂  He has a book about flowers that he has started reading to us and then Dr. Seuss’ Hop on Pop.  He knows every page!  It catches me off guard and makes me laugh every time.  I will definitely post a video, or 2, or 12, if I make the upgrade.


Other random tidbits of life around the Morgan homestead — Jack crammed several CDs into the CD drive on the computer, so that’s working out well for us.  We have some massive spiders taking up residence around the perimeter of our house and in our garage.  Massive.  Some of us are looking forward to a vacation soon.  Others have to work and will be looking forward to a mini get away in the near future.  I saw a report on mold in front loading washers, and now I’m convinced mine is moldy.  I’m itching to paint every room in our house.  And I’m really looking forward to all things fall.


How’s that for random?  Hope you’ve had a good Monday.

One thought on “july’s almost over.

  1. Sounds good, Dear Lauren! Many things on your mind and many things you plan to do! Love and Hugs!
    Sue and Gordy

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