three months.

Gabriel was born three months ago.  Today he would be three months old.  We also lost Gabriel three months ago today.  Today we remember extra what that day was like when we got to meet him and hold him and love on him.  Tonight we will go back to the infant loss support group for the second time.  It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 months.  The memories fade so quickly – I can’t remember the feeling of him in my arms as easily any more.  I can’t smell his new baby smell on his blankets any longer.  I forget that it’s only been 3 months.  In ways it feels like life’s been like this forever, and in ways it seems like only last week. 


We deeply miss our Gabriel.  Our family misses its 4th member. 


Gabriel   378



Gabriel   382 



Gabriel's pictures 294



Gabriel's pictures 219

3 thoughts on “three months.

  1. That last picture gets me as I’m sure it does you too. Thanks for sharing your beautiful and precious pictures and moments with us and for reminding us that life, no matter how many days or hours one lives is so super special and so super sweet. You’re an inspiration, momma! Big hug.

  2. Tiffanie said it well- life is super special and super sweet. Missing the fourth member of your precious family is God- honoring and heart breaking. You are loved.
    Sue and Gordy

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