jack at 2.

I said back here that I was going to share some fun things about Jack.  I like having a record of what he’s doing here on the blog so that I can look back on it.  It’s also a great way to get to share about what he’s up to with the people who love him.  Especially those who haven’t seen him in a long time — I’m looking at you, Maryland friends.  So here’s a big ol’ Jack update. 












He started talking a lot around the time he turned 2.  A LOT.  He hardly said any words at all up until he turned two.  I was worried that he may not talk, and every check up until his two year one, he wasn’t saying as many words as our pediatrician would ask if he was saying.  But by his two year check up, which was a few weeks after he turned 2, he was saying hundreds of words.  It changed just like that.  So with those words, and now sentences, even long sentences, he’s saying some pretty funny and pretty adorable things.






Jack’s words:

–  bess you when we sneeze

–  dundo for thunder

–  pup igh for up high

–  mickey = music

–  binds for blinds

–  sim-tooey for cemetery

–  peas for please

–  moostache for mustache

–  po milk for chocolate milk



My very favorites:

–  bess you mama

–  ok mommy

–  hold you, rock you, read you.






Everything he wants someone to do for him or with him now he asks  the same way we would ask him.  When he wants us to read to him he will come up with a book and say “Mommy read this book to you” or “Daddy way with you for 5 minutes” or “Mommy rock you” 





Jack’s first sentence was “Daddy you are funny”.  There are some things he does that are just like we used to do as kids, so we’ve been told.  Jack walks and runs around on his tippy toes, which is something I did when I was his age.  He loves to watch the same song or scene in a show or movie over and over and over and over again.  I have always been that way.  Still to this day.  He takes everything apart and wants to see how it goes back together and how it works.  So much like Tommy.  It’s fun to watch him grow and become even more his own person.  Two has come with it challenges, but it’s also really fun. 

One thought on “jack at 2.

  1. Jack is still the sweetie-pie we, in Maryland, remember! Wonderful to note and photograph all of these dear moments that give such joy and lift your heart!
    Love and hugs!
    Sue and Gordy

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