boomsday, labor day, and weekend fun.

There’s not much better than a long weekend.  Especially when a long weekend kicks off Staycation 2013.  Tommy wasn’t able to get off work when we went to the beach earlier in the summer, so he’s taking a couple of days off this week for some fun and rest.  We started Friday night off with Calhoun’s.  So good!  And then Jack had a blast playing with all the little girls who live on our street.  They’re like little mamas to him – which is working out really well for everyone, I think.  🙂 


Saturday was the first football game of the season.  It’s so fun that it’s exciting again!  We have a new coach and things are looking up this season.  A 45-0 victory was a good start to the season.  And a game with no penalties pretty impressive.  We enjoyed watching the game.  Even Jack was into it! 






Sunday morning we visited the cemetery after church.  Some of the leaves are starting to change colors there.  The seasons are getting ready to change. 






Sunday was Boomsday.  For those who don’t live in Knoxville, Boomsday is the largest Labor Day fireworks show in the nation.  It’s huge and impressive and one of my favorite Knoxville events ever.  I have such fond memories of Boomsday.  My dad used to work at the hospital that was right on the river where they shoot off the fireworks.  So we would go there to watch and have the best view.  They would have games and food and then we’d spread out blankets and watch the fireworks.  It also used to be on Labor Day, so we’d get to stay out really late on a school night.  Over time, they changed it to Sunday night before Labor Day, and I’ve watched Boomsday from a lot of locations.  In my hospital room at Children’s as a kid, from the top of my dorm as a college student, from the top of parking garages, and down by the river with the crowds of Knoxville.  Another part of why I love Boomsday so much is that Tommy and I met at Boomsday 8 years ago.  Yesterday was our 9th Boomsday together! 


We actually didn’t go yesterday, which was disappointing.  But since I have become heat intolerant this summer, and it was 89 degrees yesterday, it just didn’t seem like the best idea.  And even more so, Jack has had a cold and cough for the past several days, and second hand smoke is a big irritant for his reactive airway disease, so we thought the cough + smoke might not be good for him.  But we did let him stay up and watch it on TV and he was so very excited to watch fireworks on TV. 



And he wanted to take a picture of them.  On the TV.  In the dark. 




Today we are enjoying an extra weekend day and going to my parents’ for a cookout and some home made ice cream. 



Happy Labor Day!! 

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