31 days of hope.



This has been a year of hope for us.


A year that started with us expecting to add another child to our family.  A year that quickly turned to us hoping for the best and getting the worst.


A year where we hoped for life, for survival, for a heartbeat, for minutes, hours, and days together.


A year of hope that God is who He says He is and that He’s got this – all of this life.  A year of hope that He will bring healing.


A year of learning what hope is and what it is to have hope.



Will you join me for 31 days as I continue to learn about hope?  As my eyes are opened, my mind is slowed, and my heart is secured in the hope that comes from the Lord.



Day 1:  why hope?  because our second son died 

Day 2:  hope endures 

Day 3:  the sun coming out and a 2 year old

Day 4:  celebrity talking hope 

Day 5:  5 months since Gabriel’s birth 

Day 6:  …for we put our hope in You

Day 7:  hope and joy

Day 8:  waves part 2. more about grief and hope 

Day 9:  show you remember.  light a candle

Day 10:  in every season.  surgery day

Day 11:  small hopes + an update 

Day 12:  short definitions

Day 13:  the stars in the sky

Day 14:  hard to see hope 

Day 15:  waves of light

Day 16:  squeaking by

Day 17:  for the weak

Day 18:  still here

Day 19:  student of hope

Day 20:  a hope and a future

Day 21:  remembered

Day 22:  a day late + a dollar short

Day 23:  a star

Day 24:  a hopeful tribute

Day 25:  a thankful heart is a hopeful heart 

Day 26:  sports 

Day 27:  sunday encouragement

Day 28:  waves of light celebration, love, + support

Day 29:  links to hope

Day 30:  memorials of hope

Day 31:  a recap of all of this 






Joining up with the Nester for 31 Days of writing through the month of October.  My first post will go up on the 1st – tomorrow morning.  Here we go!


11 thoughts on “31 days of hope.

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