quiet september loud october.

September was a quieter month for me on the blog.  I felt short on words and I didn’t know what to share, even though there’s been plenty I could have said.  It’s been a month of a lot of fatigue, so I spent more time resting and less time stressing over blog posts and other things.  But now October is upon us [how can that be??] and it’s time to be a little more structured and a little more disciplined.


So in line with that I have decided to participate in the Nester’s 31 Days.  For several years she has had 31 Days in October where she writes on one topic for every day of the month.  I have loved reading her posts and topics in the past, and this year felt like it might be a good time for me to jump in.  So for the month of October I will be writing for 31 Days with the topic of 31 Days of Hope.


I will be back tonight with the first post in the series, as she’s kicking it off an evening early.  I hope you will follow along with me this month and see where 31 Days of Hope will lead us.  I have no expectations, really not much planned for it, but am anticipating it being a time of great learning and revelation for me.  Thanks for reading along!


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