4. celebrity talks hope.

It’s Friday, y’all.  And we are already 4 days into October.  I didn’t even have my calendar on my fridge turned until last night.  Before we know it, it will be dark at 6 o’clock and we’ll be wearing jackets everywhere.  Today it’s 84 though, so feeling a little like summer still.  But anyway, on to today’s 31 Days of Hope.



Being a person who is now more aware of hope, I start to notice it in places I didn’t before.  Like the sunshine, like in a conversation in the car with my 2 year old, like in a grave marker, and when I hear others talk about it.  A couple of days ago Jennifer Garner was on the Today Show, talking about several things, but in that segment there were about 10 seconds that really caught my attention.  Please check out the video of it below.


And for the purpose of this post you do not have to watch the whole video.  You can start at the 2:50 mark and just watch about 10 seconds.





In case you are like me and hate watching videos embedded in blogs or just can’t see it, here’s what she said talking about her work with Save the Children:

“You know what I love about this job that I have is that I see so much hope.  I see that you just need to give kids a little bit of love and you just need to give their moms a little bit of encouragement.  And the difference you can make in the rest of their lives is so huge.  And you can see it happen right in front of your eyes.”



So on this beautiful October Friday [save for our Colorado friends getting snow] I am reminded that we can give hope to others in very tangible ways.  Investing in a child who needs it, taking cookies to an elderly neighbor, listening to someone who has no one who just listens.  There are a gazillion ways to give hope to someone else, and those 10 seconds of that interview reminded me that hope isn’t just about me and my hope.  We can be an encouragement to others around us and show them where true hope is found.



Happy weekend y’all!


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