7. hope in life.

At first after Gabriel was born I was afraid of moving on.  I didn’t want life to move on without him.  I didn’t want anyone to forget him.  I couldn’t stand the thought of everyone’s lives going back to normal and Gabriel not being thought of anymore.  I realized that life does move on.  It just does.  And it’s easier if you move on with it.  But thanks to some pretty great family and friends, I know that not everyone is forgetting our Gabriel.  And I am so thankful for those who remind me often that they love and miss our son. 


Part of life moving on means having good times, too.  Because there is hope in knowing that even in the roughest parts of life, joy will be there.  So while we had many moments of joy shortly after Gabriel’s death, we find ourselves having not just joy, but fun again.  This weekend we had some good times — some special fall fun, the Tennessee game was really exciting and fun again [hoping for a win next week!], and a nice family Sunday. 


Then we topped it off with some fun before bedtime… 


pictures 1446 pictures 1408 pictures 1418 pictures 1433 pictures 1443




Joining the Nester for 31 days. 

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