16. squeaking by.

Whew, I’m barely getting this one in.  It’s 11:33 pm on the 16th, and I just started typing this post.  It will be short and sweet – minus the sweet part.


Today has been a whirlwind of a day.  Still recovering from surgery leaves me bribing and begging my 2 year old to do things.  I’m not supposed to lift anything heavier than a jug of milk, so lifting my 36 pound child is out of the question.  So diaper changes, clothing changes, car seat getting into, and discipline actions are all subject to the will of a two year old.  Awesome.



He’s actually been great this week though.  That makes it a lot easier.  And I don’t want to totally out him on the interwebs but some serious developments in the potty training world happened last night.  Heres to hoping it’s not an isolated event.



I had the privilege of spending this afternoon and evening with my family, including my Grandfather.  He is a precious man, and he fiercely loved my Granny – his wife of 62 years and 8 months.  My heart is breaking for him, and I am so inspired by him.  To see that kind of love before your eyes is a rare thing in this world that we live in.  And I’m so proud to be his granddaughter, and am so thankful for the example he and Granny have set for all of us in their marriage.  Thank you for praying for him and for the rest of my family.  And thank you for your prayers for my Granny.  She passed away Tuesday morning.  There is a great hole in our family now.  I’m so thankful for God’s presence and goodness over these past 5 days.



I want to thank you all so so very much for remembering Gabriel last night.  I was BLOWN AWAY by the love.  That is what hope is.  I wish I could have bottled last night up so I could take a big whiff of it whenever I needed encouragement.  We feel so loved and so blessed to have people who not only haven’t forgotten our baby but also took the time out of their lives to do a kind act for him and us.  So touched.  I’ve got a whole post to write on it, and I can’t wait to share about all of the candles we got to see!



So until I get that written, here is our picture from last night.




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