21. remembered.

Back in August I had a new word pop into my head.  Remembered.  I think God had been telling me something.  I felt that He wanted  me to know, He wants to remind me that I am remembered.  That we are not forgotten.  When you’re hurting it’s easy to feel forgotten.  And while I didn’t necessarily feel forgotten, or think I was forgotten, because we were surrounded with love and amazing people blessing us in so many ways.  But through a series of things – mostly people in our lives blessing us, God has shown that he remembers the broken hearted. 


And since August the remembered message has stuck and been pounded in.  Being remembered brings hope.  There is a light, a joyful thing, and a hopeful thing in being remembered. 


It’s why we live in community – to be built up and encouraged by those around us when we need it.  And likewise to build up and encourage those who need it when they are down.  We have had amazing people in our lives blessing us over and over.  We have had food brought to us again and again, beautiful life-giving tree planted, gift cards, many words of encouragement in cards, letters, emails, and social media, friends bringing groceries, gifts honoring and remembering our Gabriel.  People calling and listening, people loving and supporting.  The gift of people in our lives to lift us up is an amazing blessing.  One that I know has helped to get us through the worst days of our lives. 


It’s been such an encouragement to us, and I find myself reminded to do the same for others.  To support them and love on them.  Thank you to all of you who have done that for us.  We are so very grateful.  Thank you for being a picture of hope on earth. 


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