when i can’t do it all.

As moms we like to think we have it all together, we can handle it all, and we can take care of everything.  And we have to.  We are moms, after all.  But we can’t do it all.


Life has been a heavy mix of busy and must-dos lately.  You know the kind where there isn’t really anything you can skip – it all has to get done sooner or later and usually sooner?  I spent the first while thinking I could do it all.  And I did, but then I had surgery so I had to take it easy.  Then life got harder.  And I realized I can’t do it all.



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I know I’m not alone in this.  My friends and I often talk about how the laundry is piled up, we can’t remember when we last dusted, or we drove through Chick-fil-A for the 3rd time in as many days because there isn’t time to fix dinner or we don’t have the groceries at home to make a meal.


My organized and somewhat obsessive personality isn’t ok with those things.  I want to do it all, always.  But as one of the busiest times of year approaches I find myself realizing that I just can’t do it all, and I need to be ok with that.



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So next time my husband has to do an early Saturday morning milk run because we’re out – again – I will remember to cut myself some slack.  I was never meant to do it all.  And looking around at the end of the day, realizing that we’re all here and ok, reminds me that getting “all the things” done isn’t what’s most important.


So here’s to giving up doing it all and settling in a nice place of mediocrity!



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Do you try to do it all too?  Ever have those moments where you realize you just can’t?  Tell me I’m not alone!


3 thoughts on “when i can’t do it all.

  1. You are not alone , As my boys were growing up and we were not near family and friends and people who lived a mile away , I felt like I had to do it all, My house looked like yours ,Clothes piled high, and the thought of what are we going to make for dinner always and still is there. BUT…… My kids are loved , they are healthy, they fight, like brother will do , But they do say” I love you mom “,” You are the best” (when I just made their favorite food ). The world is alright in my view. As my boys get older and I go to the store by myself , I see families just like me back a couple of years ,I smile and say , I was not alone , my kids were normal . In a couple of year you too will step into a store and see a family looking stressed and you will remember we are not alone.

  2. Your not alone! I know that this is a mom’s blog LOL but I had to put a little thought here as well. Being a parent and all we have to do with projects of our own, from house choirs to working outside, from helping family, friends, and love ones. We really don’t look at our own self as one of the projects that needs attention as well. The one thing that I have found out here lately is it may build up and look as if there is no stopping it. As long as there is love to be shown and a smile inside that not only is felt and received, it pleases God. For we are to only take on what He wants us too, but to always show His love when we do it. So yes the floor may be a mess with toys, or the clothes may not get done, or the dusting may get behind a little. Just remember when it is done, there will be a reward and it is felt inside! It should never be done from anger, we have to be true to ourselves so there will love and peace within! Again, sorry I had to put my option out here but you have to understand, I am Grand Daddy, Dad, and Mom rolled all into one!

  3. Oh yes…that is my living room. I try so hard to balance everything and end up not doing great at any…motherhood is a cruel beast…but also such a great one. Sometimes we just need to cut ourselves some slack and remember that the days of picking up toys won’t be there. Great post!

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