christmas 2013.

For Christmas this year we had a sick kid.  We thought he had RSV because he was exposed to it, but his test for it was negative.  So he had another bad virus.  It made me nervous because it did cause him to have a harder time breathing.  But steroids helped, and he healed up.  He wasn’t his usual happy self for Christmas – by any means – but we still had a good day.


We went to Christmas Eve service on Tuesday.  Mom was kind enough to keep Jack so that Tommy and I could go.  After the service we went back to mom and dads to eat our traditional Christmas Eve meal.


On Christmas morning we hit the ground running, starting at Tommy’s parents’.  After that we went to my parents’ house and had Christmas dinner there.  It was a sweet time.


From our time with T’s family…

Nikon D3200 147

Tommy’s sister, Molly, and her fiance, Drew, are getting married very soon!

Nikon D3200 152

It’s Christmas!

Nikon D3200 119   Nikon D3200 146     Nikon D3200 126


From our time with my family…

Nikon D3200 157 Nikon D3200 161 Nikon D3200 168 Nikon D3200 178 Nikon D3200 197

Nikon D3200 130

Nikon D3200 206


And a couple from home…

Nikon D3200 086

A sick kid snuggling up with his daddy.


Nikon D3200 124

And when he felt better, he was my awesome helper.


I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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