wedding weekend.

Like I mentioned on Friday, my sister-in-law’s wedding was this weekend.  It was a good weekend.  Everything was very lovely, and she was a beautiful bride! 


We kicked off the weekend on Thursday with a girls’ night for Molly. 

 Nikon D3200 298 Nikon D3200 292


Then Friday was a full day of wedding festivities.  Nails in the morning, luncheon at a sweet tea room, then decorating the church, errand running, rehearsal, and rehearsal dinner. 

  Nikon D3200 301 Nikon D3200 304 Nikon D3200 311 Nikon D3200 315 Nikon D3200 317 Nikon D3200 332 Nikon D3200 334 Nikon D3200 335 

Nikon D3200 338



Saturday was a busy day.  Molly was so excited and looked just beautiful.  Drew was sick – poor guy.  He made it, but I’m sure he won’t forget how sick he felt on his wedding day. 


Jack was the ring bearer, and he took that job very seriously.  He was beyond excited to play that role.  He absolutely  loved walking down the aisle, and he did a pretty good job overall.  He looked so adorable, too!  He refused to take his wedding clothes off last night, so he was sporting the tie and the suspenders until about 11:30 Saturday night.  So cute! 

    Nikon D3200 343 Nikon D3200 359 Nikon D3200 363 Nikon D3200 365 Nikon D3200 367

Nikon D3200 372Nikon D3200 373


We are so happy for Molly and Drew.  Congratulations guys!  We love you! 

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