organized friday.

Since it’s been a week since I shared about #healthyandorganized2014 I thought it might be time for an update.  The healthy aspect is not doing awesome.  Between wedding craziness last week and weekend and an autoimmune flare I’m in this week, I’ve got little to brag about.  I’m trying to take some small steps, but it’s just not going awesome.  Baby steps, right?  Small changes.  That’s what I always told patients.  Trying to remember that advice for myself. 


On the other hand, I am making good progress getting organized.  Things are getting cleaned up and back in shape in my house after a super messy and disorganized home last week.  We had construction going on in our living and dining rooms, meaning not only were they messy but we couldn’t use them for a week.  So other rooms got messy, too.  This week is definitely feeling better. 


My specific organizing piece that has helped me out so far this year is my planner.  I love to plan – probably too much.  Even as a kid I loved planners.  I loved when I would get to pick out a new planner each year.  Had to get all those 3rd grade homework assignments and sleepovers straight.  Last year I got an awesome planner that worked really well for me, but it wasn’t the perfect fit for what I needed.  I did some more research and ordered a new planner for this year.  And I love it!  It’s working out really well ten days in to the year. 


My planner helps me to keep my life organized.  I can write down appointments, play dates, lunches, what I’m fixing for dinner, and my to-dos.  For me, in order for the rest of my life to be organized, I have to start by being organized in my planning.  Otherwise, I have no direction and it just turns in to chaos. 




How I use my planner: 

On Sunday, I write out plans for the week, as well as dinner plans for each night.  Then I make specific plans for Monday.  Each morning I go over my planner and add in the things I need to do that day.  Then I check them off throughout the day.  Each night I sit down and review the day, and plan for the next one.  It doesn’t take very much time, and for me it makes a big difference as to whether my week runs smoothly or not. 



So what about you?  Are you a planner?  Does this post stress you out big time?  Do you think I’m crazy or are you just like me? 


2 thoughts on “organized friday.

  1. You are crazy. I am tooo much of an on the go. Can’t plan to do anything because more that likely I will veer some other direction in the meddle of it. But I do like my life like that. Out of the box and on the move. Makes me happy.

  2. Ok so I know you said the “healthy” part of your new year wasn’t going as well as your organizing, so here’s a proposition for you… I workout with a great group of women. We do jazzercise at First Cumberland Presbyterian Church. You should come try it! It’s a lot of fun plus a great workout!! You’ll be hooked immediatley! Let me know if you’re interested. You can try it for free and childcare is free too, so you can bring Jack!

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