little drops make bigger ripples.

I’ve never been a person who is big on the “one person can make a big impact”.  It’s a true statment, but I’ve just never been one for the whole get fired up, you can make a difference and change the world kind of thing.  Maybe I just lacked passion before? But today it hit me differently. 


I’ve got some adventures, some big dreams, and some things that have been stirring in me.  I’ve been a little – or a lot – overwhelmed lately.  Thinking there was too much for me, how could I do it, and how could I make an impact.  Wondering if anything I did would make a difference and believing the lies that work I put in would be wasted. 


But this afternoon, I looked out the window from our office and noticed something.  There’s a lower roof on our house that you can see out that window, and on this rainy day I noticed the rain drops dripping off the shingles.  Drop by drop the tiny rain drops would drop from the shingles into the gutter.  And with each single drop, a large ripple would follow in the gutter water.  A single drop would produce as many as 5 or 6 rings that would expand out far from the location of the first drop.  And as I watched my gutters and this repeated action, I realized that one little drop can make a big difference.  It can impact farther out than you would think.  And all of these little drops together added up to a significant pool of water in the gutter. 


Nikon D3200 002 Nikon D3200 001

So it was in that moment that I realized that I can make an impact.  Although I am just one little drop, I can create ripples that reach out further than me.  It might just be to my children, but that’s something I’d be so proud of.  I don’t know where the ripples will go, but I do know that I can’t buy into the lies that it won’t be worth it to work hard and take a chance.  If no one ever leaps out and drops into the pool, then no ripples would ever reach anyone.  And that would be sad.  So as I’m challenging myself today, I also want to challenge you.  Is there something you feel a stirring to do – a risk, an adventure, a plan, a dream?  If so, I challenge you, just like I’m challenging myself, to go for it.  To take a chance.  To make a dream a reality.  To drop and make a whole bunch of ripples. 



Today I’m sharing on the Knoxville Moms Blog about some of my favorite healthy crockpot meals.  Head over there and share your favorites with us, too.  I need more crockpot recipes in my book! 

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