organizing Christmas cards.

Today I want to share what I’ve been working on lately when it comes to the organizational aspect of #healthyandorganized2014


How I organize Christmas cards… 

I love Christmas cards.  So much.  I hang them up all over our living room.  I love seeing greetings and pictures of our friends and family during the holiday season!  I also can’t stand to throw them out after Christmas.  They’re so beautiful!  The likelihood of me looking through them in the future is low, but I like to know I can if I wanted to.  [This is so not like me, by the way.  I usually throw most things out – I’m not a pack rat.  But Christmas cards are my weakness.] 

 Nikon D3200 004

Here are our cards this year hung up in the living room and dining room.  Please excuse the huge mess and misplaced furniture.  I remembered I needed to take a picture before I took cards down during the middle of construction and painting. 


To keep all of the cards from each year together, I tie them together with ribbon. 


It’s a very simple way for me to keep a lot of cards organized. 

Here’s what I do: 
1.  Gather supplies – ribbon, whole punch, scissors, and cards. 

Nikon D3200 001


2.  Hole punch each card and stack them. 

Nikon D3200 002 


3.  Thread ribbon through and tie it together. 

     Nikon D3200 003


It easily stores in my storage closet. 



Does anyone else store Christmas cards?  Or organize them?  Or am I alone in this one?  🙂 


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