why i love having a big boy and this delightful stage.

When Jack was a few weeks old, I got really sad that he was growing.  I loved him so much, and I was so afraid of him getting bigger and out growing the things that I loved the most about him.  I told my mom this one night while we were talking on the phone, and I think I will always remember her answer.  She said she remembered feeling the same way with me when I was a baby, but then I would get older and that stage would be even more fun than the last.  She said it was always okay because each age became her favorite as I grew into it.  I’m sure there was some limit to that – hello, teen years – but within a few months I found myself feeling exactly the same as my mom had felt over 20 years earlier. 


Each cute little tiny newborn thing was replaced by something really cool, like rolling over and sitting up and eating real food.  Then he could walk and run and play so much more.  Then he became passionate about things and was so fun to be with.  Then he started talking.  And now he is this for real little person in our lives who gets life and participates in it each day with us.  It never ceases to amaze me. 

 Nikon D3200 612

This age is so fun.  Jack knows how things go, and it’s really fun to have a little buddy in life.  When 2 years ago I couldn’t imagine how I would mother a toddler, now it is my very favorite thing.  Sure, there are challenges with a 2, almost 3 year old, but man, it is fun. 


Nikon D3200 264 

Nikon D3200 740 


I have to appreciate this stage that we are in right now.  It’s delightful.  And while I don’t take lightly the responsibility of raising a child and shepherding him, I am enjoying how much easier this stage is.  I have a child who can – maybe won’t, but can – get diapers, and clothes out.  Go grab his shoes and put them away.  Put laundry in the washer for me and help unload the dishwasher.  He can wipe off the table and put his laundry in his drawers.  Of course, there are still the times where he needs milk, then he needs juice, then he needs water, then he needs a snack, then he needs another one, then he needs to play upstairs, then he needs me to go with him, then he needs to color.  But he is really helpful, and he really is a big boy these days.  And it’s fun.  And I love it.  Jack loves being a big boy.  It is the best.  And I am loving this stage we are in right now. 

   Nikon D3200 435


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