national nutrition month.

It’s March, friends, which means it’s National Nutrition Month.  That lovely time of year where we can celebrate eating healthy and learn more about what that means.  I started out strong by sharing my favorite green smoothie recipe.  Then last week I shared how I make a substitute for cream of chicken soup and then a healthier comfort food recipe.


One of my favorite things about National Nutrition Month is seeing all of the great stuff that RDs know and share during this month.  This week I want to take a little time to share some of those things.


First up is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website.  They have several pages set up for National Nutrition Month with some really great stuff.  Including games and quizzes.  One of my favorite things on there is the fad diet timeline.  It’s awesome to see where fad diets have been over the years and how some circle back around.


Tomorrow I will be back to share some great articles and tips from fellow RDs.



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