weekend fun + a new week.

We had a nice weekend.  Hope you all did, too!  Saturday was beautiful.  We were really productive and stayed busy.  Jack spent the morning with his Nan and Pops having a blast doing everything he could and pushing his toy mower all around their yard.  While he was there Tommy and I took the dogs to the vet for check-ups and vaccines.  My friend, Sarah, is our vet now!  She and her sister are both vets at the same animal clinic, so we are excited to be going there now.  Sarah and I have known each other since 7th grade.  We lived together in college, and she was in our wedding.  So we are really happy she is going to take care of our dogs now.  Anyway, it ended up being a pricey visit since they both needed vaccines, and heart worm meds, and ears cleaned, and apparently Eli has a moderate to severe double ear infection.  The ear infections are back to get me, guys.  Thank goodness it’s in my dog and not my kid.  Whew.  If you ever see me walking down the street wearing goggles, maybe a ski mask, and maybe a highly unfortunate outfit, you will know the ear infections are back for Jack, and I’ve lost it.


In other news we ran a bunch of other errands, while Jack went out to breakfast with Nan at “Old McDonald’s”, then to the library for some books and reading.  We had a slow-paced evening at home Saturday.  Sunday was raining.  We got some stuff done around the house, I did chores, and then Jack got more time with Nan and Pops while Tommy and I went to his Uncle Will’s wedding.  We are so happy for his Uncle Will and his new bride Christy.  It was such a sweet ceremony, and we are excited for them as they blend families and start their new lives together.


I am so excited for this week!  There are some really exciting things happening — mainly tomorrow.  I hope you will come back tomorrow and read my post which has A VERY BIG ANNOUNCEMENT [that is not a baby].  Here are some pictures from the weekend.


family selfie

silly faces

three musketeers

will and christy


jump jam

On Friday Jack and I went to Jump Jam for the first time with some friends.  The boys are about 2 months in age and Jackson is so cute!  They had a great time together.  And Jackson’s mom [Ms. Taylor who is one of Jack’s preschool teachers] and I had fun/were pretty nervous about all the jumping.  This place is basically wall to wall trampolines.  I felt pretty old, but we had a good time!  Tommy says Jack looks like a giant in this picture, but I think it’s so cute.  The boys are having so much fun.

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