my video on local news + happy 1st day of spring.

This morning I was on local news WVLT Channel 8 talking about cleaning, organizing, and getting rid of stuff.  It falls right in line with mine and Becca’s hashtag of #healthyandorganized2014!  Here is the video of this morning’s segment.  Pardon my awkwardness 🙂


Just click the link below to see the video of the segment that showed on the morning news today.


Next week I am going to post about the 40 Hanger Project, which is what I talked about on this segment.


This has been a busy week around here.  It’s spring break around these parts, so I thought we would be bored crazy but we’ve had a lot going on so that’s not the case.  Plus, I realized pretty early on this week that we were going to need some solid plans to make it through the week without a lot of TV or driving each other up the wall.

Monday we watched Frozen [which we have seen well over a dozen times now, and I’m totally ok watching it, too, because it really is great].  Tuesday we watched Frozen again.  Maybe more than once :/  I’m not a perfect mom.  But we also got out and did stuff those days.  We spent most of the day getting things done, running errands, and visiting people.  Tuesday was wild.  Crazy busy day.  I had packed it full from morning to evening — very, very late evening.  We did a lot of fun things and some business-type things, and it was great.  I also got to share about T18 and our story on the Knoxville Moms Blog on Tuesday.  Head over there and check out my post about  all of that that I wrote for KMB.

Wednesday morning I did the shoot for the news segment.  Guys, I am fairly confident that I am not the best person to have someone come film their closet.  Seriously.  My closet is nothing special, but I did get rid of A LOT of clothes, and it feels awesome.  I will share more details on my big closet clean out next week.


And today is the first day of spring.  It has been overcast all week and today the sun in shining!  So brightly.  It just feels like spring now.  Hopefully we can get some outside time in today.  Especially since as I write this Jack is jumping up and down on the couch.  Boys.


Spring is here

Happy first day of spring!  I hope it’s beautiful wherever you are.

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