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There are some fantastic dietitians out there.  The great thing about social media is that it allows all of us to interact with dietitians any time.  Twitter is one of my favorite tools to use to follow RDs.  I so often see great articles pop up there that dietitians are sharing or posts that they’ve written on their blogs.  Here are some of my favorite recent posts.  I hope you enjoy them, too!


Read what several mom RDs have to say about creating a health and happy meal time together.



I know a lot of people who will love this post!  Sally shares her favorite packaged foods.  I frequently have people ask me what foods they should buy.  This is a great list of stuff from Sally!



Healthy tuna salad recipe.



I definitely appreciate this article encouraging people to think about seeing a dietitian.  I know there are some very healthy, and wellness focused physicians, but most doctors do not have the experience or training in nutrition that dietitians do.  Doctors do medicine, dietitians do food and nutrition.



Having trouble sleeping?  RD Joy Bauer talks about insomnia and what food and tips can help or hurt.



Did you know beets are the new chocolate?  Well, maybe not chocolate, but they are hot right now!  I love this RD’s blog.  LOVE it!




Happy RD day to my fellow RDs!


national nutrition month.

It’s March, friends, which means it’s National Nutrition Month.  That lovely time of year where we can celebrate eating healthy and learn more about what that means.  I started out strong by sharing my favorite green smoothie recipe.  Then last week I shared how I make a substitute for cream of chicken soup and then a healthier comfort food recipe.


One of my favorite things about National Nutrition Month is seeing all of the great stuff that RDs know and share during this month.  This week I want to take a little time to share some of those things.


First up is the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website.  They have several pages set up for National Nutrition Month with some really great stuff.  Including games and quizzes.  One of my favorite things on there is the fad diet timeline.  It’s awesome to see where fad diets have been over the years and how some circle back around.


Tomorrow I will be back to share some great articles and tips from fellow RDs.



have a happy weekend.

I took the day off of writing yesterday.  Busy day running errands.  Dropping off birth certificates and death certificates.  Researching medicines.  Trying to get a little work done.  Today has been slower paced.  I have to balance my days like that.  I often believe I can do it all, when the reality is that I can’t and no one can.  I hated that I didn’t blog yesterday so much that I dreamed about it last night.  Someone was scolding me for skipping a day.  So weird.

As I’ve shared before I have had some health problems in the last year.  I have not felt well in over a year, but once I wasn’t pregnant and I still didn’t feel any better, I knew something was wrong.  Several doctors told me it was just stress.  But I knew something was wrong.  I missed my people at the OB’s office.  I wanted them to see me, but they said no.  Apparently you have to be pregnant.  So the doctors I saw wrote me off as a young woman stress case.  But then I started going to a new doctor.  An amazing doctor and friend of ours from our Bible study.  And right away he gave me an autoimmune diagnosis.  I am so thankful for him and his wife.  They are wise, kind, and so supportive.  God was definitely taking care of us by putting them in our lives.

Then nearly a month ago I saw a rheumatologist for the first time.  And she is fantastic.  She really listens to me, cares about me, and takes my symptoms seriously.  She got me started on some treatment right away until we hit a big bump in the road when some lab work came back.  My treatment for my autoimmune diseases is on hold while I start antibiotic therapy for a bacteria I apparently have.  I’m not contagious or anything but have a very long road ahead of medication and treatment.  It will be fine, but truth is I am bummed and know that any long course antibiotic therapy has consequences.  And it will set my autoimmune treatment back by 2-3 months, so that’s also disappointing.  And we all know that anytime someone says “it will be fine” they are saying it because they really don’t feel fine about it, right?

But I just keep reminding myself that I am generally healthy and there are so many people fighting something threatening their life every day.  I am thankful for the days I have and that I am able to live life each day and take care of my people fairly well, even if it isn’t as much as I used to be able to do.


In news outside of my own health — I’ve been working on some exciting stuff lately.  And I’m very excited to share it soon! Cannot wait.  In other news, we got a new computer last weekend, and it is awesome.  Finally went with the MacBook and I am obsessed with it.  My old computer was an almost 5 year old netbook that we didn’t expect to last a year, much less 5.  So it served us well, but it got to the point where it took me 2 hours to get a simple blog post with 2 pictures done and I couldn’t do any documents, web pages, downloads, or printing.  So I’m living in luxury now.  And I can no longer use the excuse that my computer stinks.


JT is rocking life.  He is so much fun these days.  He’s always been my little buddy, but now he really is.  He is a little conversationalist.  And these days he isn’t just repeating what we say, but he’s also coming up with his own things to say, which is both awesome and hilarious.  He says the sweetest things from his sweet little heart, like “God made me happy, Mommy.”  And he says the funniest things too like “Don’t pee on your bed, Daddy.”  He also appears to be a little bossy.  I would say I don’t know where that comes from, but who am I kidding?  I think we all know he’s like me in that.  He is seriously the sweetest kid and is really enjoying being around friends, the kids in his class at parents’ day out, family, acquaintances — he’s a people person.  He’s also really into dance parties.


To wrap up this random post, here are some random pictures from the past few weeks.


Grandfather and familyFebruary 23rd was my grandparents’ anniversary.  They would have been married 63 years.  It is amazing to have such an example in our lives of long lasting marriages.  My Grandfather and Granny were married for 62 years and 8 months.  So on their anniversary, Grandfather took a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers to the cemetery.



holding handsHe asked me “Mommy, can I hold your hand?”  Be still my heart.


Jack at airportWe picked Tommy up from the airport last week.  This was Jack’s reaction when he saw Tommy walking towards us.  Goodness he’s precious.  What a welcome home!


I hope you have a great weekend!

10 months.

Yesterday I posted a recipe, and I accidentally posted it before I was finished writing it.  So if you read it shortly after I posted it, you may want to go back and take another look.  I left out the nutrition information the first time around.  So I had to make some edits.  You can look at yesterday’s post or just click here to check it out.


Wow, it’s been a long week, and it’s only Wednesday!  Come on weekend.  I had a doctor’s appointment yesterday and have another one today.  Tommy was traveling Monday and Tuesday for the 3rd week in a row.  And I’ve eaten way too much ice cream this week.  Whew.  Need a fresh start.  Maybe I will do a “fresh start Thursday” this week.  Anyone else need a fresh start this week?



Today is a sweet day and a harder day.  It’s a sweet day to remember our precious baby G, as it has been 10 months since he was born.  It’s hard to believe that he would be creeping up on 1 year if he were here.  It feels like only yesterday he was born.  Time is funny like that.  Yesterday I was deeply missing my baby boy.  While the really hard moments are fewer and farther between now, there are still times where my heart hurts so bad that it physically hurts.  It’s a reminder of my need for God every day, every moment.  At those times I have to remember to just keep breathing.  And thankfully, it passes.  And it passes quicker these days.  Grief lightens, but it’s always present.

So on this day, we remember where we were 10 months ago.  We remember meeting our sweet Gabriel.  We remembering celebrating him and life.  We thank God for the time we got to spend with G.  And we continue to miss our G.  We continue to grieve.  Thank you for loving him with us.


Gabriel 10 months

Sweet flowers with Gabriel’s initials on them were delivered on my doorstep this morning along with a giant Coke, and apple slices for Jack from my sweet friend, Becca.

homemade cream of chicken.

I do not like the canned “cream of” soups.  They are disgusting.  Convenient, yes.  But really gross.  The way they glop out of the can.  The shape it takes.  And it just plain doesn’t taste good.  I may be dramatic in saying this, but I can almost taste the preservatives.  I really came to dislike the canned “cream of” soups as a new dietitian working on the cardiac floor in my first job as a Clinical Dietitian.  A lot of people cook with these, and they are full of salt!  Many people don’t even know that.

The thing is that a lot of good recipes call for cream of something.  I used to just use chicken broth, but it lacks flavor and a thickness that the soups provide.  So now I make my own.  It takes me five minutes, and it’s time well spent in my opinion!

Here’s how I make it.

Homemade Cream of Chicken Soup


2 tablespoons butter
3 tablespoons flour
1/2 cup milk  [I use skim]
1/2 cup chicken broth [I use low-sodium]
salt and pepper as you desire [I often skip these]


1.  Melt butter on stove over medium heat.
2.  Add flour and whisk together.  Stir frequently to avoid burning!
3.  After 1 minute, add the milk and chicken broth.  Whisk together.
4.  Cook until mixture thickens [approximately 3-4 minutes]
5.  Add salt and pepper as desired.

*this is equivalent to one can of cream of chicken soup.

*you can use this recipe, substituting beef broth for chicken broth to make a suitable substitute when cream of mushroom soup is used in recipes.


homemade cream of chicken soup