food allergy awareness week.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a special Mother’s Day.  It’s a hard day for me, like I know it is for so many of you.  I never realized before how hard this day was for people, but now I’ve met so many people who have a hard day for so many different reasons.  Life isn’t like I always imagined it would be.  Anyone else feel that way?  It’s so much richer and so much harder than I ever thought possible.  It really is beautiful.


So this week is food allergy awareness week.  Back in my practicing days as a Registered Dietitian, I would take this week as an opportunity to educate others about food allergies.  One of my favorite things was working with the kitchen staff at hospitals to help them get how serious it is.  I would assign a food allergy — one of the big 8 — to each person and they had to act like they had that allergy for a day.  That meant reading labels, asking questions, being cautious eating out, and so on.  It was always really eye opening to people, and I always appreciate when people are really sensitive to food allergies.


I’m sharing a little more about food allergies today on the Knoxville Moms Blog.  Head over there and show me some food allergy love 🙂



happy Monday friends!


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