nutrition, weight loss, + not losing weight.

Y’all this weight loss business is hard.  It has been one month since I posted that I was going to lose weight, and truth be told at that point I thought my one month update would look a lot different.  I was pretty certain that after one month of exercise and being mindful about losing weight, that I would be telling you I was half way to my weight loss goal.  Seriously.  I may not be the brightest crayon in the box.  So here is where I’m at 1 month later:


No weight loss.  But my weight hasn’t just stayed the same; it has fluctuated a lot.  Between water retention, poor eating choices, and exercise, I have been up and down — but mostly up.  I started this goal 5 weeks ago.  I started exercising.  I made some changes in the way I was eating.  And I was hoping to see some changes.  I haven’t.  I have stepped on the scale about 6 times in 5 weeks and have been disappointed every single one of them.  If I’m trying hard, why am I not losing weight?  Yesterday when I weighed myself I was up 3 pounds.  I have gained three pounds WHILE I’M TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT.


jack and ice cream.jpg Me to Jack :  I’ve gained 3 pounds.  Jack’s face says it all — yikes!!



To be totally open about this, I have got to share my before diet with you.  I generally eat pretty healthy.  I love to.  But February, March, and early April were rough for me.  I was getting lazy, I started on steroids, and I had crazy cravings for food all the time.  I drove through Chickfila a lot — eating a side salad with a lot of Ranch dressing on it and a large fry and a large Coke.  Or driving through for breakfast eating biscuits and hashbrowns and Coke.  I ate a lot of ice cream during that time.  Ben and Jerry’s — some nights by the pint.  Um… pints of ice cream by myself.  Steroids or not, that is not healthy!


So when I had that moment where I stepped on the scale and realized I had gained a bunch of weight, I knew I had to make some changes.  Funny thing is that the weight sure does go on fast and come off slow.  Real slow.  So I was super frustrated with myself and my weight gain and took some time to evaluate where I was at.

–  My exercise is good.  I’m in better shape now and stronger than I have been in nearly 2 years — when I was running a lot and very active keeping up with our 1 year old, at the time.  And I love how great my body feels now.  I have been doing Barre 3 workouts mostly — online at $15 a month and on my own time at my home works really well for me.  I have become a huge barre and really Barre3 fan.  It is helping my body feel stronger, my mind feel calmer, and my back to feel a lot better.  And I love doing it.  It’s challenging and I sweat like crazy, but I’m not miserable during it.


–  I thought my diet was good but when I looked further into it I realized that it wasn’t very good.  It’s better than it was.  I haven’t bought any ice cream in awhile and have cut back on the desserts and the eating out.  But my diet still isn’t impressive.  I analyzed my diet after weighing myself the other day, and it stunk!  That day wasn’t typical — it did happen to be a very bad day, but I was at 2800 calories with at least 1500 of them empty calories.  And I drank close to 1000 calories.  Not good at all.  Very eye opening.


–  I need to drink more water and I need to get more sleep.
So I have my goals and I have things I need to work on.  I’m hoping that I can update soon letting you know that I’ve actually lost a pound or 2.  Or maybe that I’m at least back down to my starting weight.  We’ll see.  Just keeping it real over here at Adventures of Jack and Me.


Anyone else in my boat?  Trying to lose weight and succeeding or not really?  Would love to hear your advice!

jack and icecream.jpg

10 thoughts on “nutrition, weight loss, + not losing weight.

  1. Thanks for sharing! I vowed to start around the same time you posted about starting your diet, but just got started this week. I’m doing the Whole 30 program. I know everyone seems to be on that bandwagon, but it’s really helping me change the way I eat and cut out sugar altogether, which is my worst habit. It’s not too hard to cook for me and modify for my son, a picky toddler. Good luck!

    • I think the Whole 30 program is a great way to get focused on whole foods and having a better all around diet. I can completely relate to the sugar thing — I have such a sweet tooth! Thanks for sharing and good luck to you, too!

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