back in action.

I can’t believe it’s been a whole summer already.  A packed full, active, adventurous summer has gone by, and I haven’t shared much of any of it here.  It’s been a good break.  At first I missed writing posts so much that something would happen and I would immediately think I need to blog about this!  But as the summer went on that quickly slipped my mind, and here were are on September 2nd [!!!!] and I’m all like here we go back to blogging.  It’s good though.  I definitely missed being active on the blog, but mostly just missed you all!  


JT at the beach
One of my favorite pictures of Jack from this summer.  My sweet boy!  


I want to share some of the stuff we were up to this summer — I won’t bore you with every detail — but some of our more fun things.  Plus we’ve been busy working on our house.  We’ve been making it a little more us and a little less standard, which we always love to do.  So I have plenty to share from that.  But first I want to hear how your summer was!!  What was the biggest thing that happened for you this summer?  The most fun that you had?  Your best adventure?  Or most disgusting moment — like the time I dropped my phone in the hazardous waste basket at the doctors office after just having a procedure done.  Not even kidding.  



I would love to hear from you all!  Share in the comments below, email me, or share on facebook.  Can’t wait to catch up with you!  Happy fall is on the way to you!  

3 thoughts on “back in action.

  1. My most fun was camping with Sam at the Outer Banks. Hearing the ocean one hump away from the tent. Outer Banks are so fun. Hiking with the grand kids and taking them to Briarwood Safari for the fun ride to see the animals. Spending a lot of time with the grand kids. Of course our salt water pool is great. Very much uncluttering our place, Most unhappy thing is working on cleaning out the attic.

  2. Dear Lauren! We had a week at The Beach with our kids and 4 Grandsons. The highlights for me were: listening to Westie, ten years old, tell Civil War stories on our walks along the ocean; playing kickball on the sand with Robert, six years old; talking with Ben, three years old, and enjoying Noah, nineteen months old, taking delight in the ocean waves and just walking in the sand!

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