blog post needs to be a blog post baby.

I couldn’t think of a post title today, so I asked Jack.  Today’s post title is brought to you by my favorite little 3 year old.  He should probably start doing marketing for Project Gabriel — cause he is good.  


Today has been a long day.  Yesterday was a long day.  We are in a more challenging season.  Three is hard, but not in an attitude defiant way, but more in a sleep challenges, and earlier fears recurring way.  Not sure if that’s a three year old thing or other things, but I’m learning a lot about our little kiddo and us and parenting.  


The holiday on Monday really threw me off course.  I don’t know what day of the week it is and between that and the sleep deprivation, I’m lucky I’ve showed up anywhere I’m supposed to be this week.  This will be one of those weeks when I’m happy it’s over.  Come on weekend!  Two more days this week and then we get another weekend.  We are doing lots of work around our house right now, so our weekends are looking more like working on the house time and less like hanging out doing what we want time.  But since we enjoy working on our house, that works out OK!  


Before I ramble on anymore tonight, I’m going to wrap this post up.  I hope you are having a good week and don’t feel as disoriented as I do.  And for some awesomeness today, here’s what my Timehop picture from 3 years ago was the other day.  I love this little guy and his adorableness so much!  


One thought on “blog post needs to be a blog post baby.

  1. Sweet photo of Jack! This week will be over soon, Sweetie! Everyone is off kilter when we have a Monday holiday!

    Love and Hugs, Sue and Gordy

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